snow sucks

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espcially if live anywhere near the cleveland area - we got hammered since mid-friday. above shot - the left side is from 5pm on friday, the other is 5pm on saturday. no joke. i shoveled the driveway 4 times yesterday.

and - temps to hit higher then 32 by tomorrow, will hit 47 by the later part of the week. nice.

in good news, john from northwave sent me out my mountain shoes for the year - a nice set of the new 2008 raptors.

lightweight soles, buckels, reinforced heel, front toe spikes, vented toe area... been running northwaves for over 7 years now and they have never let me down - and now speedgoat is carrying them, so if you need a set, check 'em out.

and - just to note with winter still around, NW has some nice winter road/mountain options out there too.

that's it - gotta hit the trainer.

sologoat out

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Anonymous said...

In that snow picture, I noticed a snow tunnel. Did you build that for Mootsie and Minnie?