chris and evil chris

chris of speedoat is visiting chris of pivot/bh (previously of titus) this week - sure as hell picked a good time as ohio/PA are getting the mother of all dumps of snow and has every rider in ohio seriously thinking of taking up playing wii professionally or moving south. anyhoo, the Speedgoat Blog has a post on it.

also, may want to check out the speedgoat page if you ride an XXL asylum - the last ones are being blown out hella cheap.

and - just got in some super sweet northwave raptors in gold and black - they offically qualify as hella cool. stay tuned for pics.

that's it - gots to run, lots of domestic and bike work to catch up on this weekend as i paint away and make a final decisioin on my heart rate monitor for the year...

looking like possibly the garmin 305 with a rigged up re-charge unit for life over 10 hours, or going super basic as usual and updating my cateye heart rate monitors (usually buy 2 monitors in case one goes nutty) to the newer version and waiting a few weeks for their new V3 to setup on the road bike. no downloads on the cateye's but i've found them to be pretty reliable.

anyhoo - sologoat out

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