if or IF?

last few days have seen me getting back to the basics - rolling the pedals over on a single speed. bike of choice - my old very first somewhat custom IF cross bike.

1 inch fork, no bottle mounts, track drops. 32x12 gearing, running a standard pauls single speed rear hub because fixed hubs scare the heck out of me. gearing is tuff, but perfect for the flat'ish bike path.

and now, somewhat of a bike commute update:

speedgoat will soon be able to get 'yer favorite ortlieb bag thanks to my man steve. why ortieb? because they are waterproof. guess we'll find that out in the upcoming weeks/months. stay tuned to see how my laptop holds up..

and - my man justin from priceton tec has hand made a new super duper tail light that uses 3AAA's that is made entirely out of a rock, paperclip, some wires and a piece of gum.

some of that is "slightly" made up, but the new light is going to be making a red carpet appearance at sea otter.

gots to run - crystal report fun to be had.

sologoat out


Steve Kinley said...

I am curious also to see how the laptop holds up. I would commute sometimes as well except for the laptop thing.

Solo Goat said...

game plan is to double (or triple) up on the water protection.

first barrier:
the ortlieb bag itself

second barrier:
get some type of drybag, or something of the sort of bag used for carrying a camera on boats. (looks like a fancy thick ziplock bag)

third barrier:
an actual big ziplock bag.

i've been using plain ziplock bags for my cell phone and ipods for years. i always put them in ziplocks - if it is 100% going to rain, i'll put them in two ziplocks each. has never failed to date to keep everything dry.