it's still cold

2006 Cyclocross Nationals 200
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but looks like the weather is going to take a turn for the better coming tomorrow. thank you cycling gods as i really hate wearing 4 pairs of gloves to get through a ride.

lumberjack sold out, so your out if you didn't get singed up. seems like the 100's are filling up, which is good - and bad. guess you could debate it either way, but it's great to see the race format getting popular. no worrying about pits, lights, crew, etc. just pedal.

thinking of 100's, bill over at the 'goat is diving into getting a 100 miler going in speedgoat's backyard. should be hella cool, but to get it organized right the tentative plans are to hold the event next year.

now, back to my latest obsession - looking at tubular rims for the 2008 cross season.

sologoat out

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Jason said...

A hundie up there would be sweet. Surely it wouldn't be too hard to start up the mnt. from The Goat, then head over towards 7 Springs/Hidden Valley and back. Take folks up Lynn Run road and spread the pack out, eh? ;)