first commuter experience

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was had yesterday with success, though i must say every extra pound seems to add up when you start heading up a climb.

total ride time was well over 3 hours - not bad considering i had to be carrying over 20 pounds of laptop and clothing.

bike choice of the day - the salsa el mariachi. this will more then likely be switched out to my "commuter cross" bike project that has been twirling in my head.... hmm... BH, RedLine or Voodoo?

BH - great bike, lots of clearance, new cool bike of the 'goat. Nice complete if you go that route with an ultegra SL package and mavic kysrium's. frame/fork nice option too.

RedLine - another bike with good clearance and running a similar Ultegra SL package. Both bikes run compact cranks in the setup - finally. nice to see both BH and RedLine to have a complete cross setup with a group that makes sense.

Voodoo - frame is about the only option here as the complete is not too swell in my mind. Frame has clearance to run bigger cross tires and comes in super light scandium. in this price range, voodoo has a nice light build up option and would be a great spare part part build up bike.

decisions, decisions....

sologoat out


Justin said...

1 vote for Redline!
I have been riding a Redline Conquest Disc w/ fenders & rack daily. Good tire clearance and is extremely durable and maintenance free considering the year round conditions it sees. My round trip is about 3 hours as well. It makes me feel better knowing that even you are feeling the extra weight on the climbs! Keep it up - all the gas savings means more money for new bikes, right?

Solo Goat said...

that's the frame i am leaning towards - pricing is great on them and the clearance is pretty good.

already did the calculation of savings on gas if i ride in at least 1 day a week:

52 times a year
x $4 ($3 for gas, $1 in tolls)
= $208

cost of not having to deal with a traffic: priceless...

on a side note, also picking up an ortlieb waterproof messanger bag - should be awesome to carry in the laptop. speedgoat will be carrying them soon....