the asylum down low

well, it didn't take long for you guys to find out - asylum is going underground...

here's as much info as i can pass along - i'll revert all other quesitons to chris at the shop...

1. i'm still affiliated with asylum through speedgoat - i've been racing for the shop for over 7 years now, and will continue racing on speedgoat's bikes.. wether that be an asylum, a salsa, a moots, a niner, etc. one things for sure, as far as sponsoring goes, nothing technically has changed for me.

one good thing for 2008 is that jerry pflug will be racing in speedgoat colors this year, so i am pretty stoked to be racing with jerry again and to actually have some teammates to travel with during both the mountain and cross season.

2. frames this year - i will race throughout the year on the bikes i currently have. depending on race length, location, etc, etc, etc - i may have either my salsa mamasita or moots 29er in the pits as backups.

3. asylum - can't go into much detail, but as the website states, if one does come out, it will be made in the US of A, it will be a new design unlike anything out there, and it's from a pretty cool frame material. (for more info, bug chris...)

so, long story short - i'm not going anywhere, speedgoat will still service any asylums out there in the world and i'll still be riding one in 2008.

sologoat out

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