big bear long write up...

is now up on the speegoat blog

you can also check out the article/pics from harlan on Cycling News

also, a few other mentions at wobblenaught, ergon and from the p-tech boyz.

and just a shout out to everybody who cheered me on or talked to me briefly during the race - thanks for keeping my spirits up and my head in the game.

gots to run - work stuff to catch up.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

roughly 36 dollars per hour with paid lunch and no regulated breaks

acruikshank said...

yo ernesto im moving out to twinsburg or stow for a job from state college, PA, and i was looking for someone to ride with somewhere to ride......i should be out there mid July

Solo Goat said...

july -
just send me a post when you get in. got a few options for you - one of which is the bike paths...

they are kind of tame (paved hike and bike) but got some good mileage to them - i live in stow and actually bought my house so that i could get access to the bike path pretty quickly.

paths head from stow/kent all the way up to cleveland and all around - may want to look at housing options based off of that...

like i said, lame and not exciting - but considering you could go out on a ride in the early/late AM, head out with lights and not get killed in the process.... it's awesome..

and - there are a few options around for trails too..