big bear short write up

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hot and muddy - finished 2nd to tinker.

many dnf's due to heat - a lot of riders having stomach issues. i had some issues about 10 hours in, made some fuel changes and was good from there on out.

caught tinker around 7am'ish and that was the last i saw him until the end.

longer write up later - about to head back north.

sologoat out

also - tons of pics loaded up on flickr - check it out.


joe said...
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joe said...

sorry you couldn't take the W... the mud and heat turned that race into a real slog. you passed me on my first lap (your 4th probably) and i was glad i could hang onto your wheel for the rest of the lap -- i'm the slow guy on a normally fast expert team.

oh, and sorry about getting sketched out on the rock drop near the end right in front of you, and the near collision on the tent.

Anonymous said...

Ernesto- great photos on Flicker!

Awesome race! You really fought back- way to go!

Now- if you could get the pit crew to be fully awake all night- life would be good!


Lucas said...

Way to go! Such an amazing race it looks like you rode!

TSWimba said...

Way to rock it man. Every time I saw you on the course you were looking good and riding strong. The conditions really screwed up the game plans for a lot of racers. Who at the Goat should I talk to with questions about the Enduro seals BB bearings you are running on the OCD?


Solo Goat said...

thanks guys - had fun out there.. felt pretty bad about half way through - then i started feeling better..

on the seals - if you want all the tech info, ask for dan. he installed the BB on the bikes - we also ran their fork seals in last years REBA's. held up real good.