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pretty uneventful in ohio this week other then a ton of rain hitting the area - with two long events under my belt for the past few weeks and marathon nationals coming up next week, it was time for a weekend off of racing.

big debate for mathon nationals - which bike? riding for speedgoat has given me some options as i can ride any bike in the speedgoat stable.

and with lots of climbing, some rocks (nothing too major) and some high speed decents, bike choice is going to be key.

salsa el mariachi - super light climbing bike with no suspension. full rigid ride - light and snappy. will be a huge advantage going up, disadvantage going down.

speedgoat asylum - full suspension sweetness. weight difference is minimal due to the super high end part setup. going up will be a disadvantage compared to the salsa, going down it will be the best bike overall.

moots mootoX - soft tail ride. component setup overall is new, but not the lightest, and weight range comes inbetween the asylum and the el mariachi. best compromise frame-wise for this course by far.

cast your votes now - sologoat out


Anonymous said...

moots mootox, no need for all that cushhhhh!
I rode it today on a hard tail SS.

Course is in a great shape.

lots of climbing go light!!

Gerry and Andy said...

Hell, I say go full-on nuts and ride your cross bike...that would really climb nice!

Matt Spak said...

Races are won or lost when going up. Go for the Salsa.

Jason said...


used2Bhard said...

I'd go with the soft tail. Those descents are enough to really rough you up....especially on lap 2. My kidneys were feeling it last year...

Jeff Kerkove said...

Either a hardtail with some high volume tires, or a short travel FS bike. A lockout on the front fork would be an added bonus.

Gorman said...

Rent a U-Haul for the weekend and take all 27 bikes that you own :).

Well you can leave the old cruiser with the fenders at home.

Levelhead said...

The Moots or Haro Master.