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07.17.06 - ernesto breck
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out to breck for the next bike game session next week as i make another stab at racing at altitude. coming from the east, the standard is to either get to venue the day before or two weeks before.

since work actually likes me to work, i am opting to get there the day before.

will be spending a few extra days hanging out, will be a nice to actually train a few days absorbing the views. last time i was out for the breck 100 (before i got altitude sickness), i stopped a few times to take in the scenery during the race.

not this time - field is starting to looked stacked already and there is only 12 or so guys singed up so far.

also - news on the calendar - the last race in the endurance schedule in cali was canceled a few days ago. bummer as it was on the radar for many a rider - big cash and what seemed to be a good venue.

but - word on the street was the course was hellishly hard and things in general were not laid out very well.

and - news from the 'goat - soon to be a few new 29er's in the shop. an offering in scandium form coming from Salsa Cycles and what has to be one of my favorite crazy designs out there is a 29er from Eastern Woods Research is in prototype. And due note you fellow PA natives - EWR home base is in PA.

on a side note, it was pretty funny that a forum post on the net inferred a connection to EWR/Speedgoat and that the 29er EWR has the same effective top tube of the asylum.... dang, they got figured out!

with that - gots to run. short recovery ride in store tonight.

sologoat out

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