i need more cowbell

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in my life so off to the 12 hour cowbell in a few days. heading down with a trimmed down pit crew chief of staff ernesto sr (otherwise known as dad).

as such, i'll be packing light but heading out with three bikes (2 race asylums, 1 backup moots mootoX) and the vibe.

travel and budgets this year has been an issue for many a racer this year - even has me contemplating a possible THULE cargo trailer. at a weight at around 400 pounds, you can get a 4x7 trailer - add in optional extenders for the sides, and you can get the height up to around the point where you could get bikes in upright with fork mounts.

and my Vibe can pull it - getting over 30 miles a gallon.

and with mileage in mind, hats off to Dave Nice and all those freaks doing the Tour Divide. 2711 miles on dirt, unsupported.

and dave is doing it on a rigid fixed.

that just makes my head hurt thinking about it.

sologoat out

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