final prep before big bear

ah... yet another trip to the 'goat.

around the shop are a ton of homes that house people with waaaaaaaay too much money. waaaaaaaaaaaay too much money and waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many dogs.

my typical ride up linn run to hit up the trails was tons of fun as i had a partner for most of the ride: rain.

that is, until i headed down off linn run. suddenly, the sky cleared to awesome blue sky and a warm sun.

sunday then saw me someplace else:

all i can say about this location it is the same layout as last year - and that's about it as i have too many "race day enemies" watching the blog... wink, wink...

thanks to dan the man for yet some more miracles worked out on the bikes this weekend - and thanks to all the crew at speedgoat.

oh - for those ti freaks out there who admired the jeff jones work of art i posted a few weeks ago - read the tag.

yep, this $5k worth of bike is heading out to switzerland.

that's it - sologoat out


Tinker said...

Don't worry, we were there too... and we know the trails are dry dry dry!

EXPO Racing said...

Art is right!