04.03.06 - i hate mondays

waz up?

some random news and updates in the sologoat world.

i'll post the email later tonight, but it looks like their maybe a raffle for a few rooms at the local hotel accross from the venue. there's something like 20 spots open.

registration now up for worlds and it looks like their may be new rules for qualifying, etc. rules don't apply if you are grandfathered because of prior years qualification.

i think there was a cutoff for registration too. check back later tonight for the full email.

ASYLUM update -
last post was a april foolz joke. saw some other pretty funny ones on cycling news. may want to check out their website for the articles.

and - picking up asylum #2 this coming weekend and asylum #1 is getting new nokons. we are putting black nokons on - the silver ones were flaking.

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out

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