04.09.06 - busy, busy, busy

work, ride, sleep. repeat.

sorry for the lack o' posts lately, but work has been pretty hectic and my riding schedule has been too.

was in cinci 3 days last week and rode friday down there in what i believe was pure hell. started in 70 degrees and 35 minutes later, i was in 50 degree dumping rain that soon turned to hail.

the enduro freak in me kept riding, and when i turned around 25 minutes later, it rained harder. and harder. and harder.

hands and forearms went numb and i stared riding tempo to keep from freezing. by the time i got back to the car, the clouds had cleared, blue skies set in and the temps were back up to 60.


this weekend was good tempo riding at the shop on saturday when i picked up my second bike and did some hill repeats on the climb up laurel hill. 40 minutes of pure climbing fun. from the shop, i went up the climb, turned around and went back up it again. i have to take opportunities to climb that hill every time i go to the shop as i don't have any sustained climbs like that around me. we have some 10 minute ones, but nothing like that one.

and today was tempo work with fellow cat 2 roadie tris h. tris was my old roommate from a few years back, and he basically started racing really well about the same time i did. i think the year he upgraded to a 2 he won something like 15 cat 3 road races. he's a pretty big guy and has plenty of power, so he has some good stuff on the flats. so he would power the flats, i would power the climbs. repeat for the rest o' the day.

i think it's important to switch things up every once in awhile - you just can't always ride the same route, same guys, same thing... you have to switch it up.

anyhoo, shame about hincapie today - looked like the steerer tube broke on his fork at paris roubaix, and two discovery guys got DQ'd for crossing a train track when the gates were closed and there was 10k to go in the race. kinda bogus on the DQ, but i guess that is the rule. pretty exciting last 20k though, if you happened to catch the race.

gotz to run - more cinci fun this week. 60 degrees in cleveland means 80 degrees in cinci. hellz ya.

sologoat out.

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Anonymous said...

the climb is a good workout but you should also check out the trails up on laurel mountain, if you haven't. not much climbing but one hell of a workout due to the cornicopia of rock gardens. 29er heaven!