04.24.06 - weekend update


first crit of the year for me was last saturday and it was at a blistering pace. 35 signed up for the local yocal RATL races. these races are usually stacked - i would say conservatively speaking, there was 5 category 1 riders, and at least 10-15 category 2 riders.

so, looking at the start line, it was going to be pretty fast. i second thought my classic take off from the gun approach, thinking that these guys might try to chase me down really quick.

gun went off and i took off. went like hell on the first lap, then backed it down to 75% on the second and they caught me going through on the 3 of 21 laps. it was then just crazy fast after that.

i stuck to the front, stayed out of trouble. a little group escaped with 2 to go, we chased them back on the last lap but the guy in front of me opened a gap just when we were bridging. when i looked up, the gap to the guys in front of us was about 30 feet. hmmm.

a quarter mile to go in the race, we are pegged at 30+ mph and i quickly do the math...

30 foot gap to 10th place rider + race is only paying 8 deep + one sharp 90 degree last corner + i cant sprint to save my life + 30+ mph speed + somebody may take me out sprinting for 13th place = NO CHANCE IN HELL

so, with that, i backed off and cruised into the finish line. you have to pick your battles - and assess your risks. honestly, i feel safer screaming down a hill at 30mph at 2am then i do screaming into a corner at 30mph at 2pm with 20 guys behind me.

in other news...

will be heading back out to the shop in a few weeks for a giant bicycles demo day - after the AM ride will be a special guest appearance by myself where i will be talking 'bout nutrition on the bike. this is going to be geared for new riders and poeple who signed up for the AM ride - i am going to keep it basic. more info on this later - stay posted to the site for updates, or check on SPEEDGOAT's website for details.

that's it, gotta run.

sologoat out.

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