04.16.06 - things u see on a ride

never surprises me the nutty stuff one can see on a ride. from huge bunnies...

to an offer for free manure.

sweet. just what i needed.

not much to update yin's on (that pittsburgh talk).

just been riding, working, eating, riding more, eating again, sleeping.

got in the first few rides on the new asylums - must say the nokons dan put on are shifting awesomely. been very happy with these cables - been running them now for over 3 years. very nice system.

that's it tonight - cinci is calling me yet again. which, has been working out well for my training, but not for my tires on my moots. i have cut tires so bad on that trail that i have had to replace two of them - and i have only done about 6 rides on the trail with my road bike.

and - i must say, the compact moots frame is working out really nice for me. very quick handling and responsive - reminds me a lot of the compact giant i used to have years back.

sologoat out.

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