04.12.06 - back from cinci

back from cinci - seems like the last few days were somewhat crazy. left cinci on friday, only to come back on monday. nutty.

at least the weather was a little nicer this time and i didn't have to ride through hail and thunderstorms. that was not mucho fun-o.

SPEEDGOAT.COM has a new deal going right now with ASYLUM complete bikes. two different builds - one entry level, the other higher end. nice stuff on each - but is it by any chance that most of the parts choosen were "ironically" the same brand that ernesto is running? hmmmm.... maybe because they know what works? hmmm.... maybe because it's race proven? hmmm... food for thought.

TIFOSI OPTICS now has their new website up which will have some sponsored rider info on it later on. and - stayed tuned to this blog and speedgoat's where i will be reviewing the Q3, quam and the backlash.

that's it - gotta roll. hope you guys like the new higher resolution pics - my old camera was 2.0 mega pixels, new one is 5.0. hellz ya.

sologoat out.

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