04.06.06 - cyclingnews.com update

hey folks...

the CYCLINGNEWS.COM interview is on hold for a week or so. what was first intended to be a short article in relation to the ULTRA MTB SERIES has now changed into a full blown interview, something similar to what was out for NAT ROSS on their site a week or so ago.

so, after all the fuss is done with sea otter, the article/interview will be posted. stay tuned, yo.

speaking of nat ross, picked up a velonews the other day - have a nice short piece on him with a full color shot. very nice to see us enduro freaks are getting some press.

with things like the ultra enduro series type of events and riders like cameron, nat, chris e getting some recognition, it's getting really interesting to see how just in a few years that the endurance events seems to be getting more popular.

why i can remember when...

i was at my first 24 hour race ever. it was canaan. i was on a team of guys i didn't know and they we doing it for fun. so was i.

i was picked to go first. i was going to take it easy, have fun. not be serious and enjoy the event.

this was when the canaan event drew hundreds. ESPN had coverage there. the mountain was lined 10 people deep watching the start.

the gun went off. i went from "having fun" to super serious racer in about 2 seconds. on the last climb, i was riding behind john stampsted (forgive me if i killed the spelling) and the ESPN guys were video taping us from 5 feet away - a camera man was taping via the back of ATV.

little did i know years later this is where i would be.

sologoat out.

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