04.20.06 - asylum/ernesto web ad on spokejunkies

SPOKE JUNKIES got a new web ad for the asylum frames up on their reviews web page. check 'em out.

nada mucho going on these dayz - getting hammered at work. i have a client "going live" in a few weeks down in cinci so things are getting hectic.

i consult on an accounting software produced by microsoft called great plains - my specialty field is construction and service. what happens in a "go live" situatation for a client is when you cut over from one accounting system to the other.

which means, all that data that is in the old system, now has to be in the new. so imagine a companys data - employee records, customer records, vendors, bank accounts, general ledger, jobs, service contracts, etc -- all that data has to tie out and balance to each other.

and all the settings have to be reviewed and checked, reports have to be created, employees need to be taught how to learn the system, you need to know their business inside and out, including their old system and the way they entered data.

you need to know accounting, you need to know the industry, you need to know great plains, you need to know SQL databases, you need to know how to extract/manipulate/reimport data.

that's my day job...

my bike "job" is waaaaaaaaay more fun..

gotta run.

sologoat out

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Manicmtbr said...

Velonews came in today and Hammergel had a multi-page insert. The Goat was featured on the last page of the insert.