04.28.06 - random quick stuff

hey all.. busy as hell this week, so i needs to be quick.

has a ton o' ernesto links..SPEEDGOAT.COM ERNESTO INTERVIEW and the upcoming "talk to ernesto day" link can be seen HERE. the talk to ernesto day will be part of the giant demo ride happening early in the day. if you are going to stop out, please call the shop and the shop and let them know you are coming.

also, if you did see the interview earlier when i posted it, you may want to check it out again - looks like michael at the shop has added some pictures to it including me catching big air at rays indoor mtb park in cleveland.

have a couple other things going on that's pretty cool - have to be secretive at this point, but i'll let the cat out of the bag within the next few days.

nat ross had a stellar day at the first granny gear race - he beat 2nd place by something like 6 laps? cyclingnews.com has an article on it - including some detail about an eye operation that he had recently.

and chris eatough is going for number 7 at solo worlds this year. adrenaline sent out an email earlier this week with some quotes for him.

oh - and also check out the blog/site at speedgoat.com. they got the new pink bike project going (got to see the sweet pink anodized parts) and you need to see the new 15 pound road bike they just built.

yes, 15 pounds. and because of the lightness, it gets offically called "stupid light." carbon, carbon everywhere, not a drop to drink.

or something like that.

gotta run -
sologoat out

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