03.09.05 - 5 hours

temps were ridiculous today, so i opted out of riding outdoors. the low temps are driving me bonkers, but...

i did get up early in the AM today, spun for an hour and then waited until after work to get in a 2 hour hike, followed up with a two hour roller ride. needed to get in some hours today as friday i may take off.

i try to plan ahead of time my days off - and i try to enjoy them. it is a luxury i can afford now, but in the upcoming summer months, i usually only take 1 day off the bike in an 8 week period. i see it this way - NOT riding is NOT an option. flip/flop workout days, split them into double rides, do what you got to do -- and hope your family and friends don't disown you or forget your first name.

haven't heard about the bikes yet - the shop has been super busy and i bug them too much as it is. though -- i do have some limar helmets coming. i ran a limar last year, so it was a no brainer. tried to go with the lazer helmets, but sizing was an issue as i was right between two sizes.

was hoping to get the tifosi reviews done this week, but probably the best i can do is get some pics up maybe on saturday. work has been super busy this week.

and - did get a chance to watch most of the extended 99 tour DVD from world cycling. great mountain stages - as with all of their tapes. highly recomend them to all roller riders out there as they are great for a two hour ride. we all know that at 10 minutes after we jump on the trainer that we look at the clock expecting to see an hour gone by.

if you are like me, hide all the clocks, put in a DVD and spin away.

sologoat out

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