03.27.05 - 2005 Light in Motion Vega

2005 Light in Motion Vega
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Newest to the Light and Motion light selection comes the Vega. Here is the review.

1. 219 grams/256 with mount
3. 4 watt burn time - 2 hours
4. 2 watt burn time - 4 hours
5. 1 watt burn time - 8 hours
6. Recharge at 1.75 hours
7. Breakaway mounts

Here is a breakdown of the watt settings:

Full on race light with this wattage, though it may not have quite the beam width/length of some the higher end systems.

At this setting, the light output is a little too low to run for riding anything technical. Would be great for a long climb where you need to see your line, but you don't have to worry about something technical coming up on you.

I call this setting "just get me home" as this setting is just enough to light what is about 30-40 feet in front of your front tire. Great for paved bike trail riding, probably not the best for anything technical.

This setting is actually pretty bright - not bad to use when the battery is just about to go, but it is pretty hard on the eyes to ride at length with.

Very impressed with this lighting system. Finally, a LED light that provides a bright enough light where one could realistically use this as their main lighting system.

Basically, there is not a whole lot to this system as the entire setup contents consisted of the light itself, the mount and the charger. And when they say that this light is as simple as plugging in your cell phone, they speak the truth. The charger is actually within the lighting unit itself and the charge unit resembles your typical cell phone charger. Simply plug in the charger to the back of the unit and when it is no longer blinking, it is fully charged. And donĂ¢€™t worry about forgetting to unplug it after the charge is complete - it WILL NOT cause any harm to leave it plugged in overnight.

Charge time took about 1.5 hours (a little faster than what the specs say) and burn times seem to be pretty close. Only detriment to this lighting system that I see is that it only contains a bar mount.

Overall, this is a great light and will be used as a backup to my main lighting system as I race enduro's and need longer burn times (I also prefer head mounted units). With that being said, I would SERIOUSLY consider this my main lighting system if I were racing team 24 hour events as the quick charge times (would not have to take them to the charging stations) and light weight are a huge bonus with this system - but I would try to rig up a head mount to run the Vega on my helmet, and possibly run another on the bar.

Additionally, this is a great lighting system where one only needs an hour of two of light or are just getting into the night riding scene and don't want to break the bank. As added bonuses, it is small and easy to pack up and mount. Basically a no-brainer overall setup.

Cheap price, super light and reliable are all the things I like in a lighting system. In my mind, Light in Motion pulled off a stage win with the Vega.

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