01.07.05 - clocked at 71kpm

well, not really. but i watched Alessandro Pettachi get clocked on a stage finish during the 2004 giro at 71km easily outsprinting everybody. sprinters - if you want to watch some crazy fast finishes, get some of the giro dvd's - very impressive.

not mucho going on these days - been sick for the past week and a half. won't go into details, but it is pretty gross. don't feel that bad overall, but i hope it goes away pretty quick. been planning a tentative race with brett davis (transiowa finisher from last year) down to florida next month, so i hope it won't kill my chances down there. just going down for good training in warm weather, not expecting much as it is early in the season and it will be on the shop asylum bike.

speaking of asylums - they are being painted blue by a local near the shop that paints/designs/builds frames for those little hot rod remote control cars/trucks. guess this guy does some pretty cool stuff - and i guess he takes these cars to remote control "car shows" to show them off. very funny. hey man, different strokes for different folks.

it's all about the passion, yo.

speaking of which, got to get on the rollers - about to watch that pesky roberto heras kick some butt at the 2004 tour of spain.

i wish you a happy day and warm weather. and no sickness.

sologoat out.

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Eddie O said...

...so you are coming down to Razorback? Rematch?...I was good for the first 12 hours ;)

It's a great race and even better crowd. Let me know if you need any area info...that's my ol' stomping grounds.

Eddie O