01.20.05 - think purple/blue'ish

and that will be the color of my frames for this year.

dan the man (my mechanic) has offically picked out a color that was supposed to be blue, but has turned out to be more of a purple/blue'ish mettalic color. so, i won't exactly match the production bikes, but from what the guys at the shop are saying, the paint looks hella cool.

the rear triangle is also painted - something that WILL NOT be on the production bikes which be coming in stock very soon (if they are not there already).

should have some pics up soon as the first of my two bikes will be built up by the end of the month. nothing major to note, though we did decide on the ritchey wcs stem and the easton monkey lite sl bars.

why this setup? the stem is decently light - the published weight is 130 grams, but dan weighed it in a 100 grams. and the bars - did not go oversized, and are going with the riser bar. oversized stems/bars add weight - and stiffness. stiffness then comes backs through to my hands as the bar does not dampen any type of vibration. not good. we are hoping that the bar is not so hard on my hands and saves a little weight over the FSA bar/stem i was running last year.

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out.

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Dicky said...

Ran the same bar/stem combo for years. I would still have a Ritchey stem, but I went down to a 70mm and they don't go that short. Oversize for skinny guys? C'mon.