01.17.05 - random pic from bigbear pic 02

01.17.05 - random pic from bigbear pic 02
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all smiles at the start of the race - next to hendershot and cameron.

both had just finished 24 hour nationals weeks earlier in severe heat.


Jason said...

s. goat

Wondering. When you talk about going for long night rides are you talking on or off road. One of my limiters is my lack of night riding ability. Even with bright ass HIDs. Problemo is that most of the close spots to MTB at are closed at night and the 5-0 patrol etc., etc.,

Thought about hitting the local rail trail until it dumps me out at some back roads.

Also. Are you still doing Big Bear this year or are you focusing on the Nationals. I'd like to do both, but might have to just focus on on event.

Take care. Thanks for any info.

Solo Goat said...


i am riding on paved bike paths around the kent/cleveland area. they are pretty much paved hike/bike paths that are pretty boring to ride on, but i don't have to deal with traffic (other than people and deer/rabbits).

most of the "trails" i have around me are mostly off limits too - 5-0 are around all the time, they are really not that great to ride on (or so i hear), and i now that people kind of know who i am, i don't want to go out and give my sponsors or others i know a bad rep for riding stuff i really shouldn't be riding.

yep - will be at both big bear and nationals. this year i will be hitting up about 5'ish 24 hour races and my normal local'ish enduro races.

if i had to choose only one event - that would be tough. i've always considered big bear/snowshoe kind of my "hometown" event, so it would be pretty hard to pass up.

Jason said...

Thanks Ernesto and good luck (except for the races I'm in, ha!) see you at the races.