01.14.06 - NORBA update on marathon series

here's the update from NORBA:


The marathon national championships will be at the U.S. Mountain Bike National Championships in Mammoth July 20-23. Also, the 2006 NORBA Series calendar will only have the two marathons as posted.




Steve Schwarz said...


FYI, date for W101 is the same weekend as Norba solo nats...

- Steve

Solo Goat said...

dang - just looked at the site and confirmed it for myself.

hmmm - i had heard rumors that chris scott (race organizer) was thinking of changing the dates because of the conflict with nationals, but that was a few months ago.

that's too bad - i think he will still have an awesome turn out, but will miss out an eatough, hendershot, chambers, etc.