01.04.06 - roller kind of day

in the 'goat casa. rain and moderate temps made for the makings of a two hour roller ride to some of the 2004 tour dvd coverage. yep, pretty exciting.

not much going on these days, just trying to keep some fitness and try to fit in some long rides on the weekends. when the weather has been permitting, i been putting on the lights and heading out for night rides. sucks, but it could be worse - at least ohio doesn't have a lot of the white stuff around.

got a few more pics of the wobblenaught fit i had on my new road moots to put up - they'll be up in the next few days or so.

first races of the year for me will be on the road, a local crit series and a local road race series. prefer the road series as it takes me about an hour ride to get there, so i get a nice long ride in by the days end.

and first mountain race - well, that is to be determined. i have a few in mind, and it may involve a trip down to florida. i think it is a little early for me to go down, but it will be some good training.

that's it gotta run - hope you all had a good new years/holidays/etc. man, it always is way too short.

sologoat out.

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