12.31.05 - short year end shout out

hey - just wanted to give a few updates and shout outs before the year end...

1. the session at ray's the other day was quite fun but beat me up a little bit. upper body really took a beating as i am not used to all that jumping around. thanks to chris/beth at the 'goat for letting me ride that sweet santa cruz jackal. wish you could see everybody's face that asked me about the bike when i replied, "oh, i don't really know about that part - the shop let me borrow this demo bike for the day." it was a pretty sweeeeeet bike - really like the bike.

2. seems like i got a little bit of a cold, so i don't think i will be riding out in the rain today. today is also the last day of any major intake of bad stuff for me - alcohol, soda, snack foods, etc - until after october of 2006. weight is not an issue for me right now, but it is a lot easier going into the season at lighter rather then heavier. (ideally, i should be around 135-140 pounds - race weight)

3. asylums - getting painted. think they are going to be blue. dan the man is fully in charge of getting them stripped down, painted and put back together. we are making some little changes to the components, but not that much. stay tuned for details.

4. asylums - next shipment is coming in soon from what i hear. get 'yer orders in quick as i am sure they will be taken really fast. we've had a ton of people asking about them, so i wouldn't wait around if you really want one. oh, and don't forget to a limited edition silver head badge when you order yours.

just wanted to give a quick shout out and year end thanks...

2005/2006 sponsors
speedgoat.com for all the parts and providing dan the man at the races, asylum for the super sweet 29er frames, tifosi for my optics, light & motion for my hella bright lights, hammer gel for all my food and supplements, and fsa for my bars/stem/cranks. schwalbe tires in 2006, for my tires.

other noteables
tom at wobblenaught: thanks mucho for the support and fits

jim at wobblenaught: good friend, fit expert, coach with mad skillz

dan at speedgoat: great friend and mechanic. thanks for putting up with my "yelling" oders during races and not flipping me the bird.

pit crew 1 and 2 consisting of my family and dan. thanks!

chris/beth at speedgoat for supporting my racing habits for the past 4'ish years, even when i was not racing that well.

everybody at the 'goat you know who you are. thanks for taking time out for some guy who doesn't even live in the same state. you guys rock.

fans of the goat: thanks for shouting words of encouragement during the races, the emails, the blog posts.

i'll have to say, it has been a pretty surreal racing season - and i am hoping to top it next year. roughly, i am looking to add a few more 24 hour races next year and get out to a few NORBA's, so it is going to be an exciting year.

with that, i gotta roll - coffee is brewing and i need to get a 2 hour roller ride in before tonights craziness begins.

hope you had a good 2005 - see you on the trails in 2006.

sologoat out

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