12.24.05 - xmas eve - pic 03

12.24.05 - xmas eve - pic 03
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hiking in the local yocal trails near kent ohio.

this section o' trail has a ton of neat stuff to climb around in and to fall off of. watch your step!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Dang! Do I see no snow and some green leaves?


Solo Goat said...

hells ya - we had somewhat of a heatwave here the past few days leading up to christmas. got up to the mid 40's for three days straight.

but - the day after christmas is bringing us some lake effect slush. kind of sucks - but at least it is not a dumping...

any word from titus? you know, they make custom 29r's...

Jeff Kerkove said...

No word on bikes yet for 2006.
Hope to have all that nailed down after the end of the year. As of now my team manager says that frames are the only thing we are waiting on.