12.20.05 - i m tired

hey all - quick update on the house. everything is moved from the old place and i have way too much stuff - things are in boxes everywhere and i can't seem to find anything. but - at least i am out of there. big excitement came last night when i ordered up a wireless network for the new casa.

cool thing too is that the house has one of those old school intercom systems with these old mod speakers all over the place - was thinking of keeping the mod looking speakers but hooking up a newer intercom system that has a cd player/radio in it. and, was thinking of maybe hooking up my old computer to it so i can have some streaming audio pumping techno.

biking news - not mucho going ono. guys from the shop are coming out ray's mountain bike park on the 29th. if you want to see the crew from the goat, stop on out - we'll be doing some photo's of the guys showing off their mad skillz.

might be going south soon - got an invite from mr. davis to go down to the 12 hours of razorback in florida. heaven knows the weather is going to be sooooooooooo much nicer down there in february. he'll be getting ready for transiowa, i'll be gearing up for the granny gear series and 24 hour nationals.

should be an interesting 2006 season.

and in other news - congrats on all y'all getting into transiowa. should be a fun event - jeff layed out the course real nice last year, so it will be interesting to see if the cross guys come out to play again.

gotta run - my old main computer died the other night and i am running late buying gifts for the holidays. crazy.

sologoat out.

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