12.09.05 - 24 hour news

hey all - i see there hasn't been "offical" emails sent out by either granny gear or andrenaline, but there are new updates in the 24 hour world.

date is set for may 20th - be the first to sign up as i see nobody is registered yet. should be interesting to see how different the events between the two big dog organizers of 24 hour racing really are.

next friday on the 16th. it has been super hush-hush from them lately as to venues, schedule, etc. this should also be interesting to see if anything will change going forward into the 2006 race season. new venues? paybacks? hmm...

as far as schedule goes for me next year, it is NOT 100% set yet and will probably change. all i can say is at this point, game plan is to concentrate on the major races and fill in the rest of the season with local races or those that catch my eye.

early season will see me at the local cleveland road races and will have me out of the category 3 races as i somehow managed to get a category 2 upgrade this year based off of all things, my cross results from last year. i have actually raced on the road longer then i have raced on the moutain bike, but i could never really sprint all that well. at the end of 2-3 hours of racing on a road bike, i noticed that i didn't feel all that worn out - but i never finished well. so i got into mountain biking.

first real race was at the ramble gramble down in (i believe) west virginia - and this was years back when i was racing a low end schwinn 696 mountain bike with a rock shox quadra 21 fork. the next year, i raced my first 24 hour race at canaan. actually have some pictures of it, i'll post them some time after the fiasco with moving is done.

in fact - i just looked at them the other night. you will note when you see the pictures, that while i was far from being overweight, i was definetely heavier. from what i remember, i was around weighing in at 160'ish back then. this year, i was racing at 140 pounds. (related funny short story - cameron chambers told me at the wilderness 101 this year that i should eat a burger. i was walking around without a shirt at the time...)

ah, the memories...

gotta run -

sologoat out.

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