12.08.05 - you can say i am a dreamer

i hear the news today, oh boy.. john lennon was killed 25 years ago today. hmm. just food for thought...

not mucho going on these days. taking a few days off to rest up from the long season and get things moved into the new place.

went to check it out last night as i got the keys about 6'ish. nothing too exciting, just walked through the house. kind of cool thing was that they left the orginal plans for the house. didn't get a chance to check them out, but thought it was kind of cool of them to leave it.

so, the movers are helping with the big stuff this weekend and then i am going to try and get all my stuff over by the 15th. it's going to be hella hectic the next week or so and i may not get to update too much.

in bike news:
tom over at WOBBLENAUGHT is setting me up with some bike fits for the remaining of this year and next. Jim Baldesare (critboy@aol.com) has been doing my fits for years now and we are going to change a few things up a little. nothing crazy, but it should help with the overall picture kind of thing. i have been running the wobblenaught fits on all my bikes (road, cross and mountain) and i can tell you that the fit seriously had mad a HUGE difference. jim is in the kent ohio area, but i know he travels around a bit if you can get him 2 or 3 other appointments at the same time. he's a good guy - cat 1, former pro, former national crit champion. hella fast guy.

speaking of hella fast, the garbage guy is going to be here hella soon.

got to get the hella out o' here.

sologoat out.

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