12.16.05 - update

hey all - well, after about the 100th trip back/from the old place, i am just about moved. things went well at first, and then i started realizing i have a ton of stuff and it's taking too long. totally sucks - i want it done.

heard from the guys over at SPEEDGOAT. we'll be doing a little photo shoot at a secret location in ohio later this month, should be cool.

not much news on the bikes for next year, but we have been discussing them off/on ever since worlds last year. probably switching stems/bars and doing some other top secret stuff to lighten them up, and then switching to the newer trigger sram lever on the right and the twist shift on the left. that setup seems to work the best for me, and i think it's just a tad lighter... but don't quote me on that...

JEFF KERKOVE has the start of registration for his race TRANSIOWA this coming saturday - limited to 70 wakco's who want to ride accross the state. UNASSISTED. good luck to all those attending - i am not attending due to some conflicts with race schedules, but i really like what he's doing with that event.

that's it - gotta sneak in a ride tonight before i make another run over to the old place. hopefully only 2 more trips!

oh - also, next week, i'll have some pics of my last wobblenaught fit up with some detail on how the fit works. exciting stuff.

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