12.28.05 - french benefits

so, during the day i have this great plains consulting gig. it is a accounting software that i work with - i work for a reseller of the software. as a consultant, i come out, install the software, teach you how to use it, setup your data, design reports and integrations that allow other non-great plains software to "talk" to each other.... etc, etc.

my background is in accounting, and a few years back, i got my cpa. i am certified in Pennsylvania - and you need to get so many continuing education hours to remain certified. well..

i had to go get my 8 hours of required tax CPE today and as i waited until the last minute, i had basically no choice in the class i took because it was the only one in my area. so - i had to take this course on fringe benefits, which has very little to do with the type of work i do day to day (other than great plains has a payroll modules) --- but...

i couldn't get it out of my head today - that commercial on TV - i think it is for FED EX - where this guy is telling a co-worker that it's not "french benefits"..

guess you have to see it...


i see eddie-o has a nice write up on the 24 hours of conyers from last october on his blog. very nice write up. i believe he is attending jeff kerkove's trans iowa race in '06.

the boys from SPEEDGOAT.COM are invading ohio tomorrow. they are heading up to ray's indoor mountain bike park to do some crazy jumps. supposed to be a really cool place to ride - ramps, west coast style built all over. very cool.

what bike will i be riding there? i am taking my pink surly single speed (pics will be up soon of it), but the other bike will be a demo santa cruz jackal, like the one seen HERE. i haven't ridden one of these yet, but from what i hear, they are the bomb as far as jump bikes go.

jeremie, craig, justin and michael are all heading over - should be good times.

i'll have some shoots up tomorrow of it, time permitting.

nothing really new in the 24 hour/enduro news. adrenaline is going to be posting dates/info for the canadian series soon, along with some possible info on some changes they are making... hmmmm....

saw on mtbr.com that the wilderness 101 may change dates because of conflicts with 24 hour norba nationals. chris, please accomidate us east coast guys and change the dates! please, please, please!

other then that, been getting out to ride - weather here in ohio is wacky, it hit 50 today. had to ride in the rain for the last hour today, but that's OK - i just pretended that i was back in whistler and it was OK. hell, as long as i can ride outside this time of year i am happy.

that's it - gotta run. trying to get a ton of work done tonight/tomorrow morning so i can a vacation day on friday and a half day tomorrow.

ride to live - live to ride.

sologoat out.

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