12.05.05 - rumors

heard a few rumors floating around the 24 hour world recently, so i did a few inquiries, checked a few emails, and got some info..

yep, saw this one on the mtbr forums, and quickly emailed karl over at ride424.com and he confirmed. set your calanders for may 20th as granny gear is hosting a 24 hour event at that venue. hmmm. should be interesting to see what kind of caliber of an event they could put on at this venue.

2. adrenaline series no more?
saw this one on mtbr too. funny how the web really spreads words really fast, as i just literally received an email from stuart about 15 minutes ago. yes, they are still alive and kicking and will have a series in 2006. the email noted that there will be some changes for next year, but did not go into detail.

now you know what i know.

that's it for tonight - gots some packing to do tonight as my adult life starts in 10 days when i move into my first house. finally, my bikes will have a place to call home.

sologoat out.

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