12.16.05 - Jim Baldesare - Wobblenaught guru

12.16.05 - Jim Baldesare - Wobblenaught guru
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coach, friend, bike fitter dude, jim baldesare.

jim has fitted up my race bikes for the past 3 seasons and has coached me since day 1 of me starting my serious enduro racing.

past former national crit champion and pro, jim is now racing as a cat 1 on the road and has well over 100 wobblenaught fits under his belt.

does jim know what he's doing? hmm. took an average inconsistant rider from an expert to a pro in three seasons.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

The Wobbenaught fit as been running around in my head for about a year and a half. I talked to Nat Ross at Interbike for some time about it. You need to put a link up to it on your sidebar.

Looks like the Cateye team might lose Giant this year. Might be heading towards Titus. Possibly custom Racer-X bikes. SWEET!!!