01.17.05 - a bunch o' stuff

has voted me blog site of the month. check it out - tons of listings of bike related blogs. sweeet. thanks for checkin' me out.

24 hour NORBA nationals
what the heck - just checked this link out after seeing kerkove's blog - 78 bucks for a 24 hour race? jeez. i can't remember paying that in a looooong time for a 24 horu race. just to note though, usually national events don't payout. why, i don't know. just an FYI. only prize is the national jersey. current holder is cameron chambers.

wilderness 101 update
i am sad to say that it is being held the same weekend as the NORBA 24 nationals. dang - really wanted to get out to this event. definetely worth checking out - i passed this event up a couple of times in years past, bummed that i will not be at this years event. very fun race - tough, lots of single track. beer and cash after the race. it's almost like heaven - except you are in PA.

sologoat replies to question?
a fellow blogger came up with the question of what are some of the ramifications of turning pro (financially speaking) and how it applies to tax returns, sponsorships, etc. i have been thinking of how to reply back to this - and will be posting it soon. so, for the couple of you that had some questions - your reply will be coming soon.

wobblenaught ernesto update
tom over at wobblenaught has updated the site with my cleveland cross update - ya, it's old news, but it's all good.

that's it - gotta run for a fun filled roller ride in a hotel room in cincinnati. fun, fun.. there is a little paved back path down here that is super long, but can't ride it tonight - too much rain. been getting in some good rides lately, so tonight and tomorrow will be my "easy" roller rides and then another long night ride on thursday as the heat wave in ohio comes back.

gotta go -
sologoat out.


mp3 said...

Last year's NORBA 24 Solo Nationals race did pay out but it wasn't much. Just FYI.

Jeff Kerkove said...

Now you can see where my rant came from on $300 entry fees for Solo racers. I can't think of a 24 hour event in the MidWest that is over $100.

Mark Elsasser said...

I went to the 24-9 Web site, but there wasn't any information about the prize list.

At the 2004 NORBA 24 Hour Nationals, they paid 5 deep for the Solo category plus the top Solo Singlespeed--alot more than most promoters pay out.

Yeah, it's a bummer about the 101 conflicting with 24 Hour Nats. The 101 is the best endurance race I've done east of the Mississipi. As far as I'm concerned, the trails in Rothrock are a slice of heaven.

Solo Goat said...

mp3 - thanks for the info.

jeff - know what you are saying, dawg. kind of hellish when you think of the entry fees we end up paying for the year. even more hellish when we don't see some of it back at the end of the day.

mark - may also want to check out chris's other race, the shannondoah race in september. (sorry - think i killed the spelling there...) from what i hear, the trails are incredible and waaaaaaaaaaay better then the wilderness 101.

gwadzilla said...

I want to be bike blog of the month?
where do I send the check?