01.26.06 - sologoat race bike #1

dan the man has worked his magic and this is his latest work of art.

the sologoat race bike (limited edition creation 1 of 2 - signed by the mechanic) is a pure racing bike and clearly a work of art. thanks mucho dan.


Anonymous said...

What does it weigh? My 293 is 28.8lbs

Jeff Kerkove said...

No FSA cranks in '06?
You realize that you are going to have to throw down a build list for us tech-geeks.

Give it up!
Give it up!
Give it up!

Solo Goat said...

weight comes in around 26.2 pounds - could save a little on the wheels/tire setup, but i don't dare run the stan setup. i don't trust the rotors and i don't want to deal with the sealant - i have a hard enough time getting tires off and i don't want to deal with it.

ya - no FSA this year. i really liked the cranks, but we had some inserts go loose on me during a NORBA marathon last year - really bummed me out.

the bars/stem i really liked because of the stiffness - but i wanted to try something with a little more give and less weight. so we went with the easton monkey lite's - the are a little more flexy and we are hoping they are a little easier on my hands.

oh - part list. will be up soon - i haven't got the 100% complete run down as i think we also made some changes to the drive train as well. will be up by the end of the weekend.

Anonymous said...

That is one sweet looking race bike. Is your weight on a good digital scale because I'd bet that bike is in the 24-25lb range with pedals. Let us know. Thanks man. Good luck this year.

Solo Goat said...

not sure the quality of the scale -it is the one the shop uses for all their builds so i wouldn't be surprised if it weighs in a little lighter.

a few more things needed to be added to get the actual weight - single ti eggbeaters and a king ti waterbottle cage.

jon posner said...

is that 26 front 29 rear?!? maybe it just looks that way - but if it is, I'm very interested in the theory behind that design...looks like a very sweet rig - and I applaud the decision to sacrifice a bit of weight for reliability and durability, that's a hard concept to get into some racers' heads