01.09.06 - long night and NORBA

Just got in from a long night ride - temps are in the balmy low 30's here in ohio. have to go down to cinci for work this week, so i am getting in some long rides and maybe even a short ride wednesday morning before heading down to cinci. usually when i head out of town for work, i end up taking my trainer or try to find some local trails - or try flipping around my workouts. if i have an easy day in the week, then i try to fit my out of town appointments around that day. most times it works out...

just saw NORBA announced some changes to their schedule and listed out the events for all the races. only two marathon events. hmmm.... i sent an email over to them to see what the deal-e-o was - to see if there was going to be more marathons and what is going on with marathon nationals as i don't see any info on it. i'll update u guys if i hear anything.

asylum cycles and speedgoat.com are hard at work getting the 06 race bikes painted and prepped for the upcoming season. my choice of hot pink for the frame color was somehow voted down and replaced by a dark metallic blue that is going to look similar to the blue frames that will be available on the next asylum run which is due very soon.

about the only difference between the stock frame and the frames i will get will be racing will be that the rear triangle will also be painted on mine -- otherwise, i am riding a prodcution frame. no customized specs on it, lighter tubeset, etc.

parts - no major changes there. in fact, i'll be riding on pretty much updated versions of the same components i was running last year with a few exceptions. after numerous disussions with dan the man (my mechanic from the 'goat) the parts we had on the bikes in 05 really held up well, were pretty light and most parts that may need to be replaced during a race situation wouldn't be too hard to find if we were out of town and not near the shop.

so, as far as my color combos go, i guess i at least get to keep my pink king hubs and headset.

that's it - gotta run. i am suuuuuuuuuuper tired tonight.

sologoat out


teamdicky said...

No kidding on the lack of marathons
I was "forced" into a NORBA license and I figured I would hit the NC NORBA event. No marathon? WHy even bother if there are only going to be two events???

Solo Goat said...

ya - pretty lame-o. the east coast marathons were actually going to be a goal of mine this year, but with all the races on the west coast (and only being two of them) they are pretty much not on my schedule at all.

i'll post the actual email i got from NORBA a few days ago.

oh, and the marathon nationals - one week before 24 hour nationals.