01.28.06 - the 2006 season

start of a late day - this was last thursday at about 5pm before a 4 hour night ride. 2 hours later, i would have two frozen water bottles for the ride home.

ah, espresso. yummy. i have been thinking a lot lately about the season - still thinking about the NORBA marathons, Granny Gear seems to be stepping up big time with their addition of two new races this year... it's hard picking which ones to do - low entry/high entry, travel to/from, payouts/no payouts, high profile/low key...

decisions... decision now at 10am - gotta ride. 40 degrees in ohio on a saturday and i have a hall pass to ride until 4pm.

gotta ride - sologoat out

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Jason said...


Need some 29er wisdom. One of my teams sponsors is Salsa so I have the chance for a killer deal on a '06 Dos Niner. BUT it would come down to selling either my 4" FS Salsa El Santo OR my Titus HCR hard tail. Seems like the logical bike to dump would be the HCR but I'd hate to see it go. What have you personally seen change in your riding style with the 29er? And are you digging the Reba? If you have time you can reply here for the masses or email @ jmahokey1@comcast.net


p.s. do think Chris would mind me stopping in at the Goat to check em out even though I can't get if from him?