03.05.06 - random pics and updates

first road ride of the year for ernesto. a group of 7 roadies and a mountain biker riding a 29er road bike went out on a tempo ride in the akron area.

don't ride too much on the road, but i like to do so every once in awhile to switch up the tempo and to get ready for the early season road races.

this pic was from last friday where i came from 55 degrees in cinci, to 25 degrees in akron. nice.

in other radom news....

i will be at the next CAMBA meeting (which i thought was coming up on the 7th) but is actually the 14th. sorry for the mix-up. i'll have all the details up soon, but if you come, you may just get some samples from HAMMER GEL.

here's the list of goodies:
HEED Mandarin-Orange
HEED Lemon-Lime

no catch to the goodies, just come out and i'll get ya hooked up with some swag.

gotta run.

sologoat out.

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