03.08.06 - the loneliness of the long distance cyclist

name the tune of the "modified" song name in my title for the day...

this was a shot from early this winter taken by a photographer that was shooting some photo's for the metro parks of summit county winter program guide. that particular shot appears on the back cover, in color.

it was a total random shot - i was out for an early morning ride and the roads were covered in ice/snow and it was windy, so i headed out on the trail for a ride. i saw a group of photographers with high end digital cameras and zoom lenses about a mile long. i said hi and then road by.

random updates:
1. asylum #2 in production. dan is currently creating masterpiece #2.
2. hammer gel - got in all my product today for the CAMBA meeting next week.
3. schwalbe - tires are in the mail.
4. first race - coming up soon. sweet.

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out.

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Dikcy said...

Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner.
Iron Maiden
Somewhere in time