03.15.06 - decisions and updates

well, worlds was announced. it's taking place one week before moab. they are probably two of the biggest 24 hour events out there and are the two that everybody wants to attend. very tough decisions are going to be made, but it's my gut feeling that turnout to each event is going to heavily depend on what coast you live on.

honestly, it was two events on my calander for this year.

thanks to the guys at CAMBA for letting me ramble on racing, sponsors and what not last night. these guys are local trail builders in the cleveland area who are tightly tied to IMBA and work on trail access issues, along with trail building, group rides/trips/etc. if you are in cleveland, they are definetly worth checking out.

and ladies - they have women riders as well. don't be shy!

and for those who go out to ray's mountain bike park - he's putting in a cross country "trail" in the rafters above the jump park area. you'll ride a ramp up to the rafter area and will be able to do a loop around the entire place. you have to see the place - it's going to be nutty. like a nutty bar. but even better.

also - gots to give the shout out to the folks at hammer gel hooking up my fellow CAMBA members with some from product samples of heed, hammergel, endurolytes and perpetuem. all members got a good supply of the same products that i use during my training and events, which made it really nice that they could ask questions on how to use the items that they received.

asylum going black and blue
those will be the new colors of my clothing kit (otherwise known as an "outfit" as jennifer likes to call it). off the shelf clothing with mostly gray/black/white, while the "ernesto" stuff will have the gray replaced with blue.

hammer nutrition
got in some of the new voler hammer gel clothing and i must say - very nice stuff once again. voler makes some very nice clothing and i would HIGHLY recomend their winter vest and riding jacket. honestly, the best winter jackets i have ever owned and probably the best clothing investment i made last year. bib shorts are also highly recommended as they are a nice material and come with a good pad.

that's it - gotta run. need mucho resto for arizona.

snow this week, cactus the next. should be a blast.

sologoat out.

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