03.21.06 - new helmet for arizona

ah, the limar 911. got two of these sweet helmets from chris and beth over at SPEEDGOAT.COM. have been using limar helmets for over 2 years now and i must say i like them a lot. very nice fitting helmets and they are also very stylish.

hmm... italian shoes and italian helmet.

speaking of italian helmets - catlike has some crazy azz helmets that are hella cool. supposed to be available in the US this year. i think they need a US enduro rider on their sponsored riders page.

other random tidbits...

getting a new compact digital cam - the kodak v530. won't have it for the next race, but will have it in the next week or so.

NOVA Desert Classic is the first NORBA marathon of the year. yours truely will be heading out tomorrow evening - i'll leave the 40 degrees of ohio to the 70's in arizona. looking to be 5 laps of a 14 mile circuit with 26 guys signed up in the pro/open class so far -- only 10 singed up on the ladies side.

pics of the course will be posted on thursday sometime later in the evening. really looking forward to going out there.

better run - work, riding and packing must be done.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

you might want to check this out

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Ernesto! We hope the first race of the season goes well for you! We will be cheering you on from home!