03.23.06 - in fountain hills AZ

at the first stop on the NORBA marathon race schedule - fountain hills arizona.

yet again, i am amazed by the space cadets walking around airports on their blue tooth telephones "conducting business" while chomping away at a big mac and walking around like we should know who they are. silliness.

race course is super dry and fast. if you veer too far from the path, you wil either hit somehting hard (a rock) or pointy (a cactus). try to stay away from both.

the tunnel in the background is part of the course which is about a 15 mile loop - first section has what i consider the only climb of the course and is about 2 minutes long. the first section of the course is roughly 6'ish miles. The second half of the course is twisty and turny, very fast and rolling. overall, the course reminds me a lot of bootleg canyon out in vegas - only a ton more fun.

one of the smaller little roller climbs on the second half. i accidentally did most of the second lap in my big ring. very friendly single speed course overall.

mountains in arizona got hit with snow this week - down in the valley, today it hit the mid 80's. to all my east coast homies, i miss you - but damn, this weather is awesome.

the course is going to be stupid fast - biggest thing i would fear tomorrow is the heat. us east coast riders are not used to it - hydration will be a factor for all.

kewl self portrait. haven't been to arizona in a long time - last time i didn't bring my bike. i think i would die if i came back and didn't bring it.

ah, the small race venue. i think the venue at the wilderness 101 was bigger, but who cares. did get a visual on some of my "enemies" - saw the trek guys (didn't see chris?) and i did see nat ross (no cameron?) heading out with 3 other pros.

ah, what would fountain hills arizona be without a fountain? hmmm.

maybe, middle-nowhere-arizona-so-we-have-to-do-something-to-attract-vistors arizona?

more pics and results up tomorrow.

for now, wish me no sunburn, huge lungs, fast legs, big heart and a safe ride.

for all y'ins other racing this weekend - keep the rubber side down.

talk to ya after the race -

sologoat out.


Dave Harris said...

No enemies out there, just similar minded whackjobs ;)

Coupla stats on that fountain: It's the worlds highest, and the "lake" is treated effluent.

See ya out there, don't forget the sunscreen!

Jeff Kerkove said...

I bet we'll be calling you Crispy-Goat after you come back with the sunburn from hell :-)

Arizona chicks are hot!
Arkansas chicks are not! (see link)

Good luck dude! Stick it too 'em hard!

Chris Ellis said...

I was just getting ready to leave for Arkansas and I am starting to have a change of heart. My stomach is usually weak after races, if I see that cheering us at the finish I will vomit regardless.