3.30.06 - who knows what tomorrow may bring

maybe the sunshine maybe the rain
but as for me i'll wait and see
maybe it will bring my love to me
rjd2 - smoke & mirrors

with that, some updates at ya.

nat ross with an interview on cycling news. yes, it is a couple days old and is somewhat "old" news, but it is a good read for all you cycling freakazoids out there.

here is a little bit of it:

CN: What are the biggest adjustments you had to make when working with a coach?

NR: The hardest part for me has always been to do the speed component within the workout. I'll bust out the hours; if he says I need to do four hours at a certain cadence, I have no problem. It's the intervals within that four hours that I have the hardest time doing.

hmmmm. i think a lot of enduro riders feel the same way. i'm just glad i don't have to do sprints anymore. yahoo!

also old news out there but i think there is some good things to be said of the series:

1. it is a good solution for races for east coast riders to get in some good races without breaking the bank, lugging around a ton of stuff and support crew.

2. you don't have to do all the races to be considered for the overall. nice.

3. west coast/east coast - you have to at least one west coast race. good concept - i think it's a good idea for riders to experience east/west coast riding.

4. finally a points system that really makes sense. i'm not going to go into the details, but check out the link above. very fair - good job on that one mr. ultra enduro series promoter.

that's it - got two very interesting emails yesterday, but i'm keeping those on the down low for now. exciting stuff.

what's next for the goat? some local yocal training crits where my "suprise" tactic of every race is to take off from the gun. i have never stayed away and usually get caught pretty quick, but it's all in good fun to see the roadies who are not locals panic to get clipped in and chase me down.

ah, the things i do to amuse myself.

gotz to run -
sologoat out.

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Steve said...

Yo Ernesto, are you planning to do the endurance series? The Mohican and Lumberjack are a bit of a conflict with Big Bear, and the 101 is a direct conflict with Norba 24 nat's, huh? What are you thinkin'? BTW, its Steve S.