03.13.06 - the goat to speak

at the local CAMBA meeting tomorrow - you can find out about it HERE

i'll be talking briefly about my cycling career to date, some of my past races, current sponsors, etc - then will be taking some questions.

i will also be hannding out some product samples from HAMMER GEL. the swag bags are full of goodies, which also include 4 serving samples of HEED, a product that i have been using for the past two seasons with success.

in other news...

andrenaline about to post info regarding worlds. i don't know much more then the rest of you at this point, other then i know it will be at canmore and it looked like their may be a change of date. i just hope for the sake of the 24 hour community that it does not conflict with the other major 24's out there.

gotta run - see you guys in cleveland tomorrow.

sologoat out.


Steve Schwarz said...

Check out the Adrenaline web site. Not complete, but it looks like worlds might be at Conyers in October, 2006?

Dicky said...

Website sure makes it look that way.

Solo Goat said...

i am hoping that info (as far as the date is concerned) is NOT correct.

i like the fact that it is in the states, but it also means that if they keep that date, one has to choose between conyers and moab.

Dicky said...

Ah, I didn't know about Moab. If they DO purposely line it up to conflict I would say that's a pretty poopy thing to do to the people that they depend on for $$$$$'s.
I'll bet they have a beef with the whole AMTRI championship thing. Can't we all just get along??