03.27.06 - goat updates

hey all - just back from an easy recovery ride. i'll sure say it is a switch going back to 45 degrees in ohio compared to the 85 last week.

congrats to NICK MARTIN. the heat got to him on friday, but he pulled off his first pro win on saturday in the mountain time trial.

firming up some dates on my race schedule. to keep things exciting, i'm not going to post a whole lot about them, other then i am hitting up some NORBA and Granny Gear races... maybe a few others... stay tuned - more info to come. same goat time. same goat channel.

HAMMER GEL has a new promo flyer coming out soon. why mention this? hmmm... can it be a huge picture of yours truely on the back cover? along with a quote? yep - it will be scanned in tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.

SPEEDGOAT.COM will soon be having a GIANT TEST RIDE program. the test ride program is going to be setup with the newer rider in mind so this may be your chance to get your significant other to fall in love with... bicycles.

just to note, the giant TCR still remains one of my favorite frame designs - but giant has come out with something way cool. it's so cool, it kewl.

it is the bowery. it will make bike messengers drool.

gots to run - sologoat out.

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