03.18.06 - arizona on my mind

well, the countdown begins.

about 6 days now until the first norba marathon of the year and i see there is about 20 guys singed up so far. should be a good time - the first race of the year is always a little nerve racking as everbody hopes they didn't overtrain and/or undertrain.

SCHWALBE TIRES sent out my tires earlier this week. as i did last year, i will be running the 29er version of the LITTLE ALBERT. light with a tough sidewall, the tire seems to hook up well on both east/west coast soil. very nice tire. thanks mucho to celeste and the guys for sending them out.

speaking of which, i just got asylum #1 all stickered up:

and wobblenaught fit guru Jim Baldesare has done yet another fit on my asylum. we switched my bars/stem out this year so i wanted to make sure things were looking good. i'm glad i had him look at things as my saddle was a little high (i was off by about the width of 3 pieces of paper - literally) and my bars needed a little adjustment to ease up the pressure on my hands. now, all i have to is pedal the bike.

and - almost forgot.

speegoat jeremy has come up with a blogspot of his own called mechanism that is the first digital edition and publication of his own zine.

why check it out? cuz you may just see an interview with ernesto.

check it out.

speaking of out, i gotta roll. mucho stuff to get done today.

ride your brains out.

sologoat out.


Chris Ellis said...

Are the Little Albert tires a real 2.1" tire? I used the new Karma 29er tire that is stamped as being 2.2". No way. I used them in a 6 hour Saturday and they were rough rider tires. I am considering the Alberts instead next week.

Solo Goat said...

haven't measured them to tell you for 100% certainty, but i know their sizing has to be pretty close, if not right on.

i used to run 1.9's all the time - with those in comparison, the 2.1 sizing seems to be correct.