24 hours of big bear write up

2nd 24 - 2nd second place. damn.

ernesto sponsors princeton tech and ergon were on scene - big weekend for both. needless to say, i think you'll be seeing a lot of riders running both products.

run was chaotic as usual - this year i didn't get any elbows to the ribs, so that was a bonus.

this year, we did a little prologue lap - worked out really well to string it out.

steve and i had another rider in tow, we were the first three in the wooods and we had a good gap on the next group of riders.

steve set a high pace and soon we were in a small group of 5 riders. once clear of the main pack of riders, steve backed off the pace. i hammmered on - i was the first rider to complete the first lap.

i led for a straight 14'ish hours - then i had a bad lap. steve capitalized on my upset tummy.

that 20 minute gap he got on one lap was enough - by the time the race was over, he held on for the win.

thanks to ergon and jeff for setting me up with their new line of gloves - gotta try them out of you run the grips. i ran both the short and the long finger gloves the entire race - no blisters, hells ya. watch for the review up soon.

also, thanks to justin and the gang from princeton tec. only 1 battery change the entire race. the burn times on the batteries are just amazing.

thanks to all those that cheered me on - seems like i had a lot of fans out there.

with that, i need to get some much needed rest.

sologoat out.


Steve Perkins said...

A couple of questions about your lighting set up. I noticed in a picture (from Kerkove I think?) that you had an EOS light on your bars. Is that your regular set up? or just temporary until full lights are needed at you put on the SB3? Also when you said you had one battery change, do you mean one for each of the SB2 & SB3? Just curious how you managed your set up (I have all 3 of these lights as well).

Adam Lisonbee said...

Good work, nice result!

Solo Goat said...

steve -

my main light is a switchback 2 - since the burn times on the battery is around 6 hours, i only had to stop once for a new battery. (so - in the end, i used two batteries to get me through the darkness).

the eos - i sometimes use them if i need a quick backup light or if i need a minimal amount of light. i've found that if you use two EOS (one on the bar/one on your helmet) you can go minimal and have enough light coverage area for most circumstances.

and my bar mounted light is a priceton tec modified apex. it was actually used by their guys at 24 hour events before they came out with the newer switchback type of lights.

originally, i was going to use this as a backup light only. when i first used it down at the switchback 12 hour earlier this year and noticed that it has 72 hours of burn time on bright - as soon as it gets dark, i run it on the entire time. awesome width of light.

Jeff Kerkove said...

Awesome! Gosh, I wish I could have raced. That course was sweet! Good luck at the 'Jack 100

SquidBuzz said...

Good Job.

Can you explain more about your stomach issues? Fueling, health?

Just wondering for future reference.

Solo Goat said...

course is super rough, rocks everywhere.

i usually carry only a bottle so inbetween sections i was taking huge gulps of sustained energy and heed.

my stomach didn't take to it - i usually just sip.

what happens to me is that my stomach gets upset, blood rushes to my stomach to digest the fuel, and i start feeling excessively tired.

same thing happened to me in 2006, this time i realized what was happening and switched to a ligher mixture and water.

SquidBuzz said...

Thanks for the answer on that one. If I get in the same situation, I'll have to remember that.

gwadzilla said...

the competition between the Solo racers is always amazing to follow

the focus boggles my mind

you rock

the top solo guys always rock!

it was a fantastic race weekend!

good work out there!
your fast laps early on
your consistency
that is really something

I am curious about recovery
I raced on a for man team, it is thursday and I am still dragging
well... I am also a little hung over
but the recovery for you guys is amazing!